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    I have a nomad II MG on the way, and I will be looking into smart media upgrades soon(power hungery). Just out of curiosity, has anyone here had prblems with certain smart media? what about other types of flash memory? Personally I think it should be narrowed down to 2 different types, the CF for large, 128 + , storage, and the smaller smartmedia for the 8-92MB storage, that would get rid of MMC and all the new crap.

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    I have a Rio pmp300 and i absolutely love it. i got a 32 mb smartmedia card and it has worked great. you might want to check out ebay, you can find some great deals. gl

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    If anyones had a Nomad II MG. . .

    Can you use any type of Smart Media as long as you format it correctly with Nomad Manager? The only reason I ask is becuase Creative sells their own Smart Media cards, and I don't want to have to return one.


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    I think Smart Media is pretty standard. I use 3 different brands in my digital camera and they all seem to work the same. I don't know this for sure, though, maybe I just got lucky.
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