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    sad but true
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovedessert
    I rather not be called anything other than an American with his own opinion. I am sick and tired of people trying to villiy an opinion with a nasty label. I am partlically sick of the nastiness in politics. Years ago, the gentelman, who designed particialy hateful set of commericals, (in this case for the GOP). On his deathbead, said what he did was wrong. All it did was bring even more hatered to the surface.
    Wow, you're a bit easy to get worked up, aren't ya I bet some trolls could have a field day with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911sforever
    long time passing?

    This place has been dead lately. Are all the lefties drinking the Kool Aid because of W's rising poll numbers? His success in Iraq? Alito's pending confirmation?
    My, my, my... true, not much going on here lately, but that's just because the nature of Bush junior's politics have become obvious to most Americans - there's simply no need for pointing it out any more, that would just be beating a dead horse, or, more specifically, a lame duck (three years lame duck ahead, sad... ). I know, it's just MOST Americans, there will always be some left who are resistant to factual information...

    So you are thrilled by the fact that the majority of Americans with an unfavourable view of Iraq and other Bush policies has become a bit smaller lately?

    Success in Iraq? Measured by a pro-Iranian election, with the prospect of Iraq becoming Iran 2, mixed with Afghanistan 2? Or a drop in Iraqi and US casualties since the election? Or wait, wasn't there an increase? What kind of "success" are you referring to exactly?

    And you are saying Bush may even have found a candidate for the supreme court able to pass the Senate controlled by his own party? You call that a success? That's not a success, it just shows how incapable Bush has been before...

    I am sooo impressed by Bush's and Republican successes (Terry Schiavo, Harriet E. Miers, Social Security, Katrina and the horse judge Michael D. Brown, Iraq, Libby, DeLay, etc., etc.), it's really hard for me to come here and see you indulge yourself in them...
    “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” (Philip K. ****)
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    Agreed. He has done a fantastic job. I knew you would come around to know this. Thank God for Republicans or we'd all be Democrats!

    Quote Originally Posted by clulup
    I am sooo impressed by Bush's and Republican successes...
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    Closing this thread.
    Flamebait is not allowed on TC.
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