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    Here's an off-topic thread for ya. We're looking into getting our second car and have narrowed it down to a Honda CRV and a Subaru Forrester. It seems as if a LOT or people narrow it down to these two vehicles.

    So, if there is anyone else out there that has done the same, which one did you go with, and why? Any regrets? Just looking for other opinions...

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    Have you looked at the Ford Escape?

    Similarly configured vehicles via the Honda and Ford websites show MSRP to be comparable in price, but the Escape has a 3L, 201 hp engine compared to the CR-V's 2L 146 hp. Road and Track indicates 0 to 60mph in 8.8 secs and 70mph to 0 in 171 feet for the Escape while The CR-V does 0 to 60 in 9.4 sec and breaking from 70 to 0 in 196 feet.

    In case you were interested.
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    Hmmm...not a bad looking vehicle. Unfortunately, it is a Ford. I'm being unfairly prejudice, but I've sworn off American cars. They aren't all bad, of course (I still have fond memories of my Hatchback Escort) but after dealing with the last 7 American made cars in my family, and then comaring that to the track record of my current Honda and my brother's Toyota, I've decided foreign is the way to go.

    Took the CRV and the Forrester for test drives today. The CRV is certainly a 'fun' vehicle, but it doesn't compare to the Forester in terms of handling or horsepower/torque.

    What bugs me, though, is I need to spend $4k MORE to get the premium Forrester package to get side-impact airbags. Why is that even an option? Where's Nader when you need him?

    As a footnote, we got 8 inches of snow today, yet I, in my Honda Civic, can out-manouver 90% of the SUVs on the road. Sometimes I hate being an American.
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
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    Last January I faced the same decision. The Forrester wons hands down in every category. I live in central NH where we have to drive eight miles just to find a store or gas station. We got the winter package which includes a limited-slip differential and heated seats, well worth it!

    One caveat...we got the Forrester because my wife didn't want an Outback - looked too much like a station wagon . The Outback is bigger, a bit fancier, and not that much more. Still, all in all, the Forrester is a great car!
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    Originally posted by homer
    Hmmm...not a bad looking vehicle. Unfortunately, it is a Ford.
    then check out the Mazda rendition, the Tribute.

    it's essentially the Escape with mazda modifications. (the escape was actually engineered in Japan, by the way, Ford sent a team of engineers to work with Mazda engineers and they designed and manufactured the first vehicles over there. So to satisfy your 'anti-american' vehicle fetish, you might want to check out the Tribute? )

    PS: DO NOT get the CR-V. I've heard many bad things at work and with neighbours about this vehicle and i think 5 bad CR-V experiences are enough.
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    When I saw the title of the thread I thought you were asking which movie you should go see (Finding Forrester)
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    This is my first post, but I've visited Visorcentral for many months. I'm very intersested in cars, and definitely recommend the Forester over the CRV. The CRV rolled over in the government's side crash test. If you are worried about safety (which I figure you are, since you mentioned that you want side air bags) you probably want to avoid the CRV. Also see for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's crash tests. The Escape/Tribute are also good SUVs, but have been recalled many times in the few months they've been out. Still, they're worth a look. The Mazda is a little sportier, by the way.
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    I've been a mechanic for over 15 years now and personaly you couldn't get me into a CRV. Subaru on the other hand has very good crash ratings, reliability and costs. My wife has the Subaru Loyal '90, it may be 'peppy the wonder slug' going up hills but at 45 mpg (38avg) I can look past the lack of power. But lately we've been looking a the Mazda Tribute, with more options and better hauling and carrying capacity for a couple grand cheaper than the Soob.......hmmm. Still have to find out though if it's accually a Mazda or a rebadged Ford, I don't like the engineering of Fords (micky mouse must be helping them!)
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    Sometimes that's so, but I have to say, from recent experience, that the Escape/Tribute really does deliver. I've had an Escape for two months and counting with no problems, not effected by any of the recalls either (it IS ver 1.0 so their will be bugs to work out and Ford really did drop the ball here). Highway mileage is 21.5 mpg, excellent control in wet and slippery conditions, has side airbags, and more horse power than an X-Terra. And even handles well on sand in 4x4 mode. Plus it's affordable.

    Just my humble opinion.

    And, yes, both the Mazda and Ford versions are made on the same assembly line in the US (Kansas City I think).

    Gee... Now that you mention it, when I honk the horn, it does sound like Mickey Mouse...
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    Have you considered the Toyota RAV4? I wasn't keen on the old design but the 2001 model is completely redesigned and it ROCKS!
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    I really like my CR-V, which I have owned for about 4 mos.

    The Subaru got great reviews from Consumers Reports (as did the CR-V), but there was an intangible factor I didn't care for. Perhaps its that it looks so close to a stationwagon. Yes, I know it's subjective, but I was stuck between the two.

    Good luck to you.
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    Hey...thanks for all of the great feedback!

    We've decided to go with the Forrester. The CRV was a bit 'funner' stylisticly, but just wasn't much a vehicle when compared to the Forrester.

    I appreciate the other suggestions as well, though I think we are set with the Forrester.

    Now we just need to decide what options to get...
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
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    Good luck and many happy miles. Now for the tough question... What color???
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    Well, this is HER car, not mine. I lost out to her choice of an automatic, though I do agree with her color choices (the silver or blue).

    In the end, though, it's just a car...

    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
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    I have a CR-V that we've had since they first hit the states in '97 and I love it. Good mileage, no mechanical probs, AWD. However, every time I see a Forrester, I drool a little. It's a tossup, IMO.

    BTW, the Mazda Tribute and the Ford Escape are identical mechanically; the only difference is the sheet metal.
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    Well, we got a Green Forrester S model today (had to go with the all-weather extras up here in MN!). This is my first new car and I must say that dealing with the local Subaru dealership was a decent experience. They gave it to us at $300 over invoice which was better than anything I could find on the internet.

    Not so shabby.

    Thanks for all of the advice!
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    I've got MY eyes set on a new Subaru Outback stationwagon. All the amenities of an SUV, but with better gas mileage and less risk of a rollover.

    ...of course my insistence that we pay cash for the durned thing means I don't get to spend my paycheck on things like oh.... upgrading to a Visor Prism on a whim (sigh).

    Enjoy your new car, homer!
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