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    What Visor, module, or accessory did you find under your tree from the friendly fat fellow?
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    Originally posted by MarkEagle
    What Visor, module, or accessory did you find under your tree from the friendly fat fellow?
    I got WriteRights and a GameFaxe for my VDx.
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    I got a Flip Clip and a blue PalmIII cover!
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    Got a Visor Platinum, Writerights, a Space Pen w/ Stylus (it has 'Fagan' ingraved on it too) a Slim Leather Case. Yeah, pretty much Visor was my whole Christmas by itself
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    I recieved a Vaja case. Very Nice. Pus i got the all important cash! Although i don't think my wife is going to let me spend it on ADTIP (any damn thing I please). HO HO HO Merry Christmas.
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    I got a Omnisky Minstrel S and a Stowaway
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    Got myself the Visorphone and I had my girlfriend get me the pen stylis, backup module (when it was on sale) and the folding cradle.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Got the Stowaway and Documents To Go!

    Now if the Stowaway didn't bust the Hotsync connector on the Prism, I'd be very happy...
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    I got the Springport 56K GlobalAccess modem (actually, I got two but had to send the first one back!). Second one works like a charm. Now if only someone would send me some E-mail.....just kidding!!!!
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    also got $$$$$$$$ and spare styluses
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    Remember me? the one who had no visor?
    Well at the end of opening presnets my parents surprised me with a VISOR PLATINUM!
    It than took me 24 hours non stop (almost) to get it to sync
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    The wife got me a Paltinum and the Omnisky module, along with a year of pre-paid service!
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    Well, I got a note that says I got the Geode, so it will arrive sometime after the 15th! Can't wait!!!
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    No direct accessory, but I did get a gift certificate for BestBuy. I immediately used it to get a Stowaway keyboard.

    I did however mastermind my mother, brother, and sister all chipping in to get my father a blue Visor Deluxe for Christmas.
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    Prism, QuickOffice, MW dictionary module, with King James bible module, and Energy Clip on the way
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    i got a nokia 8290 for wireless acess via infrared...

    but even better:

    my girl has recently been thinking that she wants a visor of her own... she's a grad student of oriental medicine, and as she gets further along in the program her needs for a visor increase... especially for a db like jfile or hanDbase...

    anyway, i really wantred to get her one but just couldn't afford it, (work has been a little slow in coming for me recently)... anyway, santa must have been watching, because lo and behold on xmas day when i checked the visorcentral contest page as i had dutifully every day since it started, there was my name under the visor deluxe prize.

    so, merry xmas, baby. you get your very own "li'l beepy".
    exit, pursued by a bear.
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    I got a Prism to replace my trusty VDX, and a Minstrel S from YadaYada. While not from Santa, I used my year-end bonus from my ever-generous employer to order the Geode and the new Prism case from Vaja.

    In short, I made out like a bandit.
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    I got a thinmodem, a handspring pen stylus, and a $50 gift certificate to CompUSA. Any ideas on what I should buy? I can't decide.
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    MY GREAT wife got me a Platinum to replace my trusty but failing PIII!!!!
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