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    My wife read my mind and gave me a VDX and an extra cradle so I can sync my DB (Notes) at work. Bought the BU mod and InteliSync myself. (She thought it would sync w/ Notes out of the box.)
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    Got the Stowaway after I had to return the one that the Grinch at Circuit City sold to Mrs. Santa. He gave her the one for the HP Jornada, told her it was the only one they carried and that it was universal, that's why they carried it. The tried Best Buy. com and they were out of stock! Damn!! Finally scored at Egghead, $89.00 and free shipping.
    We're smokin now.
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    My soundsgood w/energyclip got stolen for the holidays So I got a big pile of dissappointment. Someone else was happy though.
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    Santa came a little early this year and had Egghead deliver a SpringPort modem module to my doorstep. I immediately packed it into my RhinoPak 2000 and took it with mewhen my wife and I travelled to Paris for Christmas week. With Proximail and Proxiweb, I was surfing and checking emails every evening after long days of playing tourist. While it's a quirky little module - lots of soft resets - it was invaluable for keeping in touch while across the pond.
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    I got a Stowaway keyboard (very cool) and a HandyGPS springboard (OK, got that one for myself ). Now no matter where I go, there I am!
    Eschew obfuscation!
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