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    My dad was reminiscing with me about the first "record" he ever bought (remember vinyl? this was a 78 vinyl recording, any older and he would have been talking about wax cylinders)

    anyway, I am seeking a copy of the track "The Cat From Coos Bay" By Wally Stott and his Orchestra.

    The name of CD it's found on, a site to download from any help greatly appreciated.

    I have looked on all the big download sites, some of the more dubious ones, many specialist sites all to no avail. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to track down a copy of the above song....

    If caught the Secretary will issue the standard government denial, "It wasn't us, we didn't do it, we were on holiday when it didn't happen, and hey, if it did happen we think it was legal!"

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    Not sure you'll find it on CD, but I did a little Googleing and found the following possibilities to buy the vinyl (if that's what you want to do). if you already have the vinyl, you could feed the turntable into a PC and convert it to digital form that way.
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    I did find a site that lists a guy's inventory that he is selling. From it I did learn that the record was with the Philips label.

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