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    I have a co-worker that has a BB....I think with Cin or VZ........that will automatically log into his corp email account through OWA (the online Outlook access point) and then forward all emails to his BB.

    I am using Sprint. Is there ANY 3rd party service that anyone knows about that can do this for PPC?

    Thank you for any help from a desperate road warrior!
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    I posted this same question over at PDAphoneHome and here is what happened:

    Originally posted by hodula1
    You can try using MrPostman (
    THANK YOU!!!!!

    That did it.

    I set it up on my home computer. Set up a rule to move all emails from that account to a work folder. And set up a second rule to forward all emails from that account to a personal Comcast POP account dedicated to work emails set up on my PDA.

    Without a word to IT, I know have corp email access on my PPC!!!!!!! With my work and how much I have to travel, you don't realize how much you have just effected my life in a truly positive way.....Thank you for the early Christmas Present....BTW, did I mention that I excited that it works????

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