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    Just a thread dedicated to the updates, antics, twists and turns with Saddams Trail.

    EDIT: Admins....please note this not an Iraqi war thread. This is the trail proceedings for Saddam. There is no other thread to discuss this without hijacking the thread. Please don't close it.
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    Witness testified that his agents had tortured people by ripping off their skin

    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    Saddam Hussein launched into an extended outburst at his trial Wednesday, alleging he had been beaten and tortured by his Americans captors while in detention after a witness testified that his agents had tortured people by ripping off their skin.


    Earlier, Saddam was composed as a witness testified that his regime killed and tortured people by administering electric shocks and ripping off their skin after pouring molten plastic on it.


    Al-Haidari, whose brother was the trial's first witness, testified that seven of his brothers were executed by Saddam's regime and their bodies have not been found.

    Al-Haidari said that he and other Dujail residents including relatives were taken to Baghdad and thrown into a security services prison, where people from "9 to 90" were held.

    Blood poured from head wounds and skin was pale from electric shocks, he testified. Security officials would drip melted plastic hoses on detainees, only to pull it off after it cooled, tearing skin off with it, he said.


    During previous sessions, Saddam has been defiant and combative, often trying to dominate the courtroom.

    The deposed president had refused to attend the previous session on Dec. 7. "I will not come to an unjust court! Go to hell!" he said in an outburst in court a day earlier.

    On Wednesday, his behavior was initially calmer, and he appeared clean-shaven and in fresh clothes, wearing a dark suit but no tie. At previous sessions, Saddam has appeared disheveled and has complained about being held in unsanitary conditions.


    Later on, Saddam, interrupting al-Haidari, asked the judge if the court could take a break for prayer. Though the witness agreed, the judge ordered the trial to continue. About 10 minutes later, Saddam swung his chair to the left, closed his eyes and repeatedly bowed his head in what appeared to be about a minute-long prayer, the first time he has done that in court.

    Muslims are required to pray five days a day at specific times.

    At another point when al-Haidari referred to Saddam by name, the former leader interrupted, saying "Saddam who?" implying the proper respect hadn't been shown. The judge asked the witness whom he meant, and the witness restated: "I mean the former Iraqi president."


    At another point in the trial, Saddam's half brother and intelligence director, Barazan Ibrahim, launched into an unruly exchange that was largely edited out of the televised feed. He called al-Haidari (the witness) "a dog" and his dead brothers "rotten dogs." Guards entered the court and threatened to take him out, but Ibrahim wagged his finger at them, saying he could only be ordered to leave by the judge, who allowed him to stay.


    But the trial has also highlighted divisions between Iraq's various ethnic and sectarian groups, with many Sunni Arabs expressing sympathy with the former president and even nostalgia for his era.

    By contrast, many Shiites and Kurds gloated over seeing the once powerful Saddam reduced to a defendant.

    The Dujail case is the first of up to a dozen that prosecutors plan to bring against Saddam and his Baath Party inner circle for atrocities during their 23-year rule.

    FULL STORY:,2933,179343,00.html
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    A damned shame that soldier didn't chuck a couple of M67 fragmentation grenades down that hole.

    A damned shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911sforever
    A damned shame that soldier didn't chuck a couple of M67 fragmentation grenades down that hole.

    A damned shame.
    Maybe...although I don't think it hurts to claim that you were the guy to find him.
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