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    Hi guys,

    I need some help from anybody familiar with stocks. I've never bought any stocks and I'm not really familiar with it. However, (this might sound stupid, but hey that's what I want to do) I have always wanted to buy stock from a company that I like and I really like Palm and their direction. Now, where do I buy it from? How do I track it? I also want to add that I'm interested in buying no more than $50 or $100 in stock. I'm just want to experiment and learn from it. However, I don't want to through my money down the toilet either.

    Bring it on,


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    There is a website called OneShare that sells individual shares of stock. Unfortunately they dont have Palm listed as one of the companies they sell for.

    You may want to look into some of the many online sites like Scottrade and Sharebuilder.
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    I would suggest opening a savings account and dumping your capital into it. Make a small deposit into weekly/monthly whenever you can swing it. When you get a substantial amount saved (maybe $500-$1000) look into rolling it into a money market. Once you have a money market you can invest in multiple technology companies through mutual funds. A decent money market will yield roughly twice the interest that a savings account will. After another year or so of amking deposits then take a taking a % of your total saved funds and look at individual stocks.

    Just my $.02.

    good luck
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    I am extremely familiar with the stock market. Unfortunately, for only up to $100 in total purchase cost, you can only buy a few shares at the current price of Palm today. Commission fee alone can potentially represent a large portion of this $100 purchase. At most brokerage companies, the MINIMUM required amount to even open a brokerage account is $2,000. So unless you can at least deposit the minimum amount to open a brokerage account, this whole discussion is a moot point.
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    As you can see from my post I have no insight to add to your quest.
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    Even if you like palm and where they are going, unless you have a ton of money saved in more diversified accounts, I would hesitate to begin investing with a single stock. Check out for a good overview of how to start investing.

    I would saving up some money as Casey suggested, and then heading over to Vanguard and opening up an account. If you have a 401(k) through work, start contributing there. That'll be your best start (and will reduce your tax bill too).
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim

    It says it all.

    Thanks for your advice guys,


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