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    Sorry if this is obvious...

    How do I ad a picture to one of these threads. I see the "insert image" button that pulls up "IMG" but I'm not sure how I acutally insert the picture etc.
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    That is for a link to a picture already on the net.

    So to post this image:

    I put in the field in the image dialog box. You get to this by clicking on this icon .

    If it is from your harddrive you need to use the attachment option below the text field to upload it.

    I hope this helps.
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    Think I get it now! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the tip I never considered having to add a picture to a thread!
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    Not all forum settings allows images to be displayed. Please go to the bottom of each forum and check the Posting Rules panel. If the [IMG] code is Off, then the image would not show.
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    my IMG is on & I still can't get it to work

    We all need a little dirt (life's events) to grow!
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    It should look something like this


    with an "I" (without quotes) instead of the 1 in 1MG

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