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    ted "LADY KILLER" kennedy has strong convictions about the environment, ( as supposedly all kennedys do... Pfft.) and preaches the pursuit of alternative energy sources for cleaner emissions.
    well, here is where it gets interesting. The nantucket sound is the perfect location to place energy generating "windmills" because of the area's strong wind currents. mother nature is what should dictate where you place these structures, not the whims of the people. ted doesn't want these alternate energy sources to be placed in nantucket - HIS BACKYARD, he wants them placed in yours.

    what's also interesting as a sidenote here, is that bobby kennedy is regularly chastising the US' consumption of oil and its emissions levels - WHILE HE OWNS A PRIVATE JET PLANE which vomits more emission levels than most people,including bobby himself, even realize.

    what's with these folks? They're such hypocrits its nauseating.
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