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    I am looking for a good way to only allow a few sites to be visited on one of the computers in my business.

    Is there a good way, or good software you could recommend that would only allow the few sites that pertain to my business to be browsed (my wholesaler's site and another supplier site for example.)

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    There are lots of ways to do this.

    I am sure there are software solutions that you install on the PC in question....a google search for parental control software should set you up in that direction. is the one I have heard of that is supposed to work well, but I've never used it.

    Depending upon what your network consists of, there are a few free ways to accomplish this. For example, a firewall could easily do this. Heck, even my linksys router at home can do this.

    Depending on what services you run internally that this machine will need to access, you could simply disable DNS (name resolution) and then enter the addresses for the sites you want to allow into the hosts file. The user would not be able to resolve the address, for example....but if they know the IP addresses, they could still get there.

    Unless you are happy buying some software, tell me a bit more about your network and I can offer some specific ideas.
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    I am running 3 Window XP Pro (Dell) computers sharing a DSL (sorry if this is not enough info...).

    I'd like to have 2 of them pretty much free access but would just like to limit the one computer.

    I think I have McAfee Firewall installed on all of them.

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    I think I have McAfee Firewall Express installed on all of them.

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    How are you sharing the dsl? A router? Like I said, Linksys has some web filtering ability built-in...though I've never used it.

    With so few computers, I would do the DNS thing. Just give the one machine a static IP, but no DNS servers. Then edit the HOSTS file and add the names and IP addresses of the sites you want to allow. They will only be able to "find" those sites you have specified. Not perfect, but will stop the casual user...
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    - Albert Einstein
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    Thanks! I'll take a look...

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