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    Just came across this. Thought TC users might be interested in looking into this
    Tim K
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    When I was in webdevelopment we were standardized on Macromedia Suite...Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.....I love them and hope they plan on continuing the Macromedia approach and philosophy towards interface, structure, etc....
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    I fear we'll see Flash-enabled PDFs.
    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
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    Check out Flashpaper turn those pdfs or other would-be pdfs into flash files
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    Quote Originally Posted by JHromadka
    I fear we'll see Flash-enabled PDFs.
    As if PDF files are not cumbersome enough to work with and large enough as it is now!
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    I've never installed the flash plugin in Mozilla. The vast, vast majority of flash you encounter are annoying, whiz-bang ads. In the rare case I come across a flash that I actually want to look at, I just cut-and-paste the URL into IE.

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