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    Did anybody else download this program from the PortaPet folks?
    I'm trying to get his heart to grow, but am having no luck, he just stands around picking his nose, eating cookies, burping, and spouting Grinch-y sayings.
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    I gave up on it and deleted it. I wonder if it does anything different on Christmas Eve or Christmas? Try moving up the date.
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    Nothing doing--I tried setting it to Christmas Eve and to Christmas Day and got no change.

    However,I did zap him a few extra times for fun. I can't quite tell, but it looks like he gives you the finger if you zap him.
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    I've had him on my Visor for weeks now! No change to the heart. I'm bored, but my kids ask to feed the Grinch about 10 time a day.
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    I downloaded the Grinch, and played with it extensively. Stuffing it full of cookies to the point of quadruple bypass. I even let my little 6 year old sister play with the thing and the heart wouldn't grow at all! Boy was she angry . I'd like to know if anyone could get his heart to grow too...
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    Yes, his heart does grow! Mine has grown twice and is now full size. I think you have to give him cookies daily

    My four-year son and two-year old daughter love the Grinch! I have to let them play it for a short time every night. Now we also do PortaKitty and PortaFish too. They had minimal interest in my Visor before the Grinch came along...
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    I had mine for two weeks. I feed him with 2 cookies and hot chocolate every day. No grow in his heart.
    What is new today will be old tomorrow..
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    I've fed the little bugger everyday, sometimes so many cookies that he sits down and pokes out his tummy...i feed him more than once a day--

    i used to never hit him with the lightning, but i was fed up and couldn't resist the other day.

    if you've gotten his bitter, nasty heart to grow, man, i'm jealous!!
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    As I posted previously, my Grinch's heart had grown to full size a while back. I thought that the Grinch would do something "special" today but there does not appear to be any change -- he's just acting the way that he always has.

    Anyone seen anything different?
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    I'm sorry that this wasn't in the software section. I too am having Grinch pleasing problems. You have to use the special easter egg to get the Viagra from the cupboard.

    Just kidding... I too cannot get his heart to grow. Perhaps your kids have been stuffing him like crazy? I'm going to try again. I saw it grow at one point but not fully. He's starting to bore me. You should try Static Chicken (colour supported.) from PalmGear. I thought PortaMonkey had class.
    Check out 'SC.'
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    OK, today is Christmas and his heart has only grown 1 size. And no special presents. I feel like I wasted my time feeding him.
    What is new today will be old tomorrow..
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    Actually, I was wrong about my heart growing to full size. It has only grown twice. According to the Help file, once it has grown three more sizes, there's a "special gift". Guess I'll have to keep trying -- or at least have my son do it

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