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    im getting a second phone (prepaid) i want the razor v3 (is this the latest?) i was gonna get a unlocked one then i found this site

    got me to thinkin i could unlock it myself (probably not a good idea huh)

    does anyone know where i could get a new one unlocked for a cheap price (not ebay)

    and if i get a unlocked one do i just buy a sim card for which every carrier i decide to go with? i may wanna use the web, does it matter if the phone is prepaid(for web surfing)

    any other info i need to know is welcome and Thanks in advance

    oh yeah, and which is correct razor or razr? i have seen both while searching
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    At the present time there is only one Razr. The V3. Motorola, however, is set to release some new models to the Razr line in the next few months.

    V3c - CDMA version for Verizon
    V3i - Update to the GSM version
    Pink & Blue versions of V3

    If you buy a phone that's unlocked, yes, all you need is a SIM card. Stick it in and go. Most provider's do offer some sort of pay as you go internet with their pre-paid plans.

    For a ton of information on the Razr I suggest a visit to

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