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    CompUSA is having another "Cost + 7%" sale this Saturday.
    Here's a link:$-zDg/doc.html

    Are these sales actually a decent sale or is it just marketing hype? My dad is looking for a desktop computer, so I was wondering if this was a good time to buy.

    I know the day after Thanksgiving is typically a good shopping day for electronics and stuff, but I wanted to know if this CompUSA sale is worthwhile.

    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    7% over compusa's cost means nothing to me. How much are they selling the item in question, and how does it compare to similiar items that can find at similiar retailers.

    If you are looking for a "factory-built" computer system, I always reccommend Dell because of the unmatchable excellent deals that can be found from time to time. Search the "deals" forums and also check out I build lots of high-end/upgradeable computers, and if I were to purchase one, I would most likely buy a Dell.

    If you have patience, you can score big on time limited coupon/rebate deals.

    If you are looking for computer components, I have found no online shopping experience superior to
    I frequently research components there by reading user reviews, like they have on amazon.

    Good luck!
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    CompUSA has different mark ups for different manufacturers. Belkin for example has a HUGE markup. 6' USB cable sells normally for $20, but cost is $3.15. On the other hand, software make only have a few dollars markup.
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    Went there and was in line for 15 minutes. The cashier was having an issue with another customer. When I got my turn, they tell me, no it does not apply to wireless access point, its only good for systems. And she looks at the clock and says: "It's past 1PM already, sorry, your discount does not even apply".

    To which I said, "No wonder people don't go here as much!" and I said my thank you and goodbye. I was referring to the minimal crowd in the store, there's probably only about 20 people or less.
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    Best Buy stores offer great deals from time to time. Sometimes, these deals beat the best prices online, though often times you'll have to get these great prices via MIR's, and some deals are limited by locality and store. They also have "open item" specials.

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