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    Georgetown grad created other flavors
    By Travis Andrews
    Entertainment Writer

    November 17, 2005

    Tofu has long been used to emulate other food products, such as turkey, ham and beef. Now it is being used to emulate a new, more controversial food product that cannot usually be found at the local deli: human flesh.

    Mark Nuckols, a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center working on an MBA at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, has created HuFu, the “Healthy Human Flesh Alternative,” which can be purchased at Nuckols got the idea from other products that are imitated using tofu, a food-stuff derived from soybeans.

    “I was working in London and I was rereading a book on cannibalism and eating a tofu sandwich,” said Nuckols. “That’s when it hit me, if you can make tofu that tastes like turkey, then why can’t you make it taste like human flesh?”

    Nuckols said while studying anthropology, he became interested in cannibalism. Wanting to experience it for himself, he began trying to invent a tofu product that both tasted like and had the same texture as human flesh.

    “I read various accounts by anthropologists and accounts of people who had eaten human flesh for survival,” Nuckols said. “The overwhelming impression that I got from these accounts is that human flesh tastes a bit like beef, but softer and sweeter.”

    Nuckols said he gave these ideas to the food processors who then took the ideas and tested them until they had a product that could pass as human flesh.

    Sticking to FDA regulations concerning tofu products, Nuckols quickly began to sell HuFu. He sold 1000 units quickly, but his real profit came from the sales of the T-shirts that promote the product.

    Nuckols said he thinks that anyone who sees a Hannibal Lector movie or one in the same vein might wonder what exactly human flesh tastes like.

    “I like to think that anyone who is sufficiently curious about cannibalism would want to try our food product,” Nuckols said.

    Nuckols is not stopping at simply human flesh, though. He said he has created other tofu products that will soon come onto the market, such as baby seal.

    “We are bringing out wonderful food products, such as the delicious ‘Baby Seal,’” said Nuckols. “People are curious about the taste of baby seal.”

    Two more new products that are soon to appear on the dinner table are “Endangered Panda” and “Underprivileged Child.”

    Nuckols said “Underprivileged Child” is variation on HuFu, which is textured and flavored to taste like an adult human being. Underprivileged Child will be sweeter and more tender.

    “Instead of tasting like an adult killed in tribal combat, it will taste like a child from a low-income family,” said Nuckols.

    Many psychologists seemed stumped by what effects this product may have on those who consume it.

    “I’d be more concerned about who does the tasting on these things, because doing that would be more difficult and more ethical questions would be raised by that,” said Russ Pella, a psychology graduate student at LSU. “Who was tasting the babies?”

    Dr. Bryan Eckert, a practicing psychologist in Baton Rouge, said he did not know how people would respond to the product.

    Eckert said more research would have to be done on the subject to reach an acceptable conclusion.

    For now, though, HuFu continues to sell to the public.

    Nuckols said no restaurants had picked it up, and he did not know how they would respond in the future.

    But considering the sales of the product and the amount of press he has gotten, Nuckols said HuFu will continue in full production.

    “There is a demand from the public,” Nuckols said.
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