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    That is my question! I am not all the way apposed to the deal, but to the lack of terms to govern what and who cross this border. Let me ask 4 questions:

    1) What does Isreal get out of this deal?

    2) What does Hamas get out of this deal?

    3) What does Palestine get out of this deal?

    4) What do terrorists get out of this deal?

    Mideast deal gives Palestinians control of Gaza-Egypt border

    Israel and the Palestinians settled Tuesday on the final details of a border agreement for Gaza that gives the Palestinians almost unfettered control of their border with Egypt.

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    This is yet another example of how Israel ceded territrory and control for the illusion of peace, except in this case there's no peace even remotely to be had from the Palestinians. Like giving up control over Gaza, this border arrangement will open Israel to the presence of foreign terrorists on proximal land while proving nothing but a p.r. victory to Condi Rice who comes out looking like another in a long line of American administrative officials who use the pliable wishes of the Jews for peace as a platform for the appearance of diplomacy in an otherwise dismal foreign policy.

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