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    1. GPRS is cancelling after the handshake each time I click on Web icon.
    Network setting is GPRS and it has been working all along.

    2. I changed the APN=public (never done this in the past). And it gets me to the Web. But if I set proxy = carrier default and no Web page will load.

    Please help, TIA.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    It's possible that it might have something to do with Nortel upgrading your local system to the faster UTMS. I know that's what is happening in our area of the Rocky Mountains.
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    I did not see Cingular publish an alert to customers. I'm in Houston area.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    xpdnc - Is your Treo 650 GPRS APN setting = public? Are you able to get to mMode website?
    CNG ATTWS Treo650

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