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    Hello everyone,

    I have a cingular treo 650 and would like to be able to put an "unbranded" (=without the cingular logo or softwares) software in it. I'd also want to be able to use it abroad as I travel much in Asia or Europe.

    My question is:
    - if I update it to the 1.23 rom, will it be enough to use it abroad?
    - can I directly upgrade to the 1.23 rom without doing anything on the treo (I have no data to back up)

    thank you for your suggestions or for guiding me through the unlocking process. Thanks!
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    Changing the firmware won't unlock the phone, you'll need to get a subsidy unlock code from cingular or from somewhere else like
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    Cingular unlock codes, however, may not work, though:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxy
    Cingular unlock codes, however, may not work, though:
    That seems to be the case. Most people in your situation wind up going to a 3rd party service, like, for a good unlock code.
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    Go to and save yourself the headache and pack of lies Cingular will feed you about why they cannot/will not unlock it for you. Use the code treocentral on the site and you get $5.00 off the $24.99 unlock fee.
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    Cingular provided me with the subsidy unlock code for my 650 with relatively little hassle. I also recently asked for the unlock code for an LG fip phone we got from Cingular. That code took a while to get (probably the request got lost in the system.) They also provided me with an imcorrect code the first time on the LG phone.

    The bottom line is that I got both phones unlocked through Cingular. I'd rather have them legitimately unlocked by the carrier and was willing to put up with the hassle involved in getting the correct code for the LG.

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    Do they actually mind that you ask them for several codes for different phones? I actually have two treo 650 to unlock....

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