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    I know I should research this myself but I have a toddler and she's making merry with my laptop. Can someone please take pity on me and help me cut to the chase?

    I need a service plan.
    I have a prepaid Sim from T-mobile in my Treo 600. It does not give me any data - not even email. Can't even seem to get crappy t-zones because you can't register on my t-mobile with a prepaid.

    I want a short contract, national plan with data. So far I'm unimpressed with both t-mobile and cingular (in San Fran area) but they seem to be the only carriers with data plans. Anyone have a favorite, or another suggestion?
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    Cingular's coverage in the SF bay area is (in my opinion) excellent since the merger with AT&T, a hell of a lot better than T-Mobile. In general I'm very pleased with the Cingular coverage (in areas where there is coverage.) In California Cingular is using the T-Mobile network as well as the old AT&T. T-Mobile is only using the T-Mobile network, so Cingular will give you much better coverage.
    So if you're basing it based on your experience with the T-Mobile prepaid sim, be assured that the Cingular coverage rivals T-Mobile.

    Get Media Net on Cingular for $20/month unlimited data. Don't get the $40 PDA data connect that they try to sell you. However any rebates on Cingular may not be applicable if you don't get PDA data connect.

    If (voice) coverage is your main issue. The only other option is verizon which is kind of expensive for data. They have the absolute best voice coverage and very good data coverage area.
    Sprint is very cheap for data at $15/month, but in the bay area you'll run in to weak or dead zones that Cingular and verizon won't.

    Voice coverage in my opinion goes in order of Sprint (least), T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon (best). The prices also go in that order pretty much (if you pay for Cingular's $40 data plan.)

    My preference is Cingular for EDGE data speeds on the Treo 650, and there is data everywhere there is voice coverage. Also calls (usually) pause data to let the call through (instead of to VM.) Verizon will get you roaming in remote rural areas (may not always be data in those spots though which is rare.) Howerver CDMA if you're heavily using the data when a call comes in, your call will go to VM. Not really a deciding factor, just one to consider. Still Verizon will work even in remote towns where Cingular ends (Eg: hayfork,CA; Foresthill, CA) For this reason I have a SimpleWireless prepaid (uses Verizon) I keep with a few bucks of air time that I use maybe 1 time a year. Kind of silly, huh?

    So for the person who wants the best, I recommend Verizon or Cingular only.
    For people who are looking for the best price to work mainly in cities & highways, I recommend T-Mobile or Sprint.

    Many other factors, maybe if you specify what you're looking for we'll be able to help better.
    Also, keep in mind that all carriers have a 30 day "buyer's remorse" period where you can cancel (still pay activation and usage.) So do your research, and when you decide you have 30 days to try it out.

    last but not least, the Treo 700w comes out in a few months and will use verizon EV-DO. Something to consider. Cingular's UMTS/HSDPA is just comming up but when you can actually get a PDA/Phone on UMTS remains unknown.

    If you go to Cingular, you can use your existing Treo 600 if it's unlocked.
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    "...In California Cingular is using the T-Mobile network as well as the old AT&T. T-Mobile is only using the T-Mobile network..."

    I am not sure how long Cingular users can "roam" to T-Mobile in CA. Since the termination of their share agreement around August, (which affects CA/NV/NYC/NJ), in NJ area, they don't "roam" each other anymore. As the change propergate through the areas, it will not be long when the divorce is completed.

    I put "roam" in quotes as they were not really roaming. They had an agreement to share facility so the tower was both T-Mo and Cingular ran by a third joinly owned entity. With the divorce, now the equipment goes back to their respective company. Cingular get back their west coast stuff and T-Mo got back their east coast stuff.

    In the west coast, sounded like T-Mo will be weaker as Cingular facility goes back to Cingular.

    In NJ area, I found Cingular to be very good along highways and T-Mobile very good in town, but neither of them are as good as Verizon.

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