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    I just recieved a treo 650 from cingular as an upgrade. It came with a new 64 sim card and they emailed me on how to activate it. I took the cingular 32 sim card out of my my motorola, and it worked in the treo. What is the diffrence in the two, and should I active the 64 card?

    Also, I know its reaching, but if I dont active the new card, does that mean that I am not officially in the contract?
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    Doesn't the new SIM has some fixes for the Treo plus allows you to connect to either the old AT&T network as well as Cingular ones, depending on which is closer to you?
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    I'm not sure if it means you're not under contract, but I can tell you that I get much better service with a 64k SIM card vs my old 32K SIM card. I think it handles the switching of towers better. I think the old 32K SIM is programmed to always take the Cingular towers vs the old ATT towers regardless of signal strength. The 64K SIM card will take whichever is strongest - it doesn't differentiate. I guess it depends on where you live if it makes a difference or not. The old ATT tower is stronger where I live so it made a huge difference for me. Before it was always taking the Cingular tower even though it only had 1 bar of reception.

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