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    I love the attach voice option of MMS.

    When I send an MMS with voice attached to a recipient's email address, the recipient has my email along with allot of branding from T-Mobile.

    It is the T-Mobile logo (attached), small pictures, etc, embedded with the MMS I just sent. So, it seems like the recipient is getting an email with 5 attachments (my wav file, and 4 small pictures).

    In some email clients, this is just appears as 5 attachments and doesn't show the branding logos laid out correctly.

    Can you turn this off? Or, is this just T-Mobile's marketing?

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    I am pretty sure this is set on the MMS server, so it's a marketing thing. If someone had their own server this could be eliminated, and you'd get MMS for free! but you wouldn't be able to send directly to a phone number, you'd have to use an email address.
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