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    Does the Treo come with a box and everything? This is exactly what I've been looking for.
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    Mine came with a box.
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    mine came with everything you get when you buy a new one
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    Hello all,

    I signed on with cingular last week with the refurbished Palm tro 650.

    i used to have a Palm Vx back 6 years ago.. and loved it.. used it for a good 3 years.

    Ok, anyways, back to the phone. Got the refurb on Tuesday.

    Tuesday I checked the mins used it said 500.. so I was very happy to be getting a almost new phone. Well.. I made a couple of calls and the sound quality was terrible.. but terrible. I plugged in the headphone jack, and it had a crackling sound when I moved the headphone jack around. I was kinda pissed, but thought that I should be expecting much since palm is really a PDA company.. so I thought to myself that I would live with it. Ok, come wednesday, the light wouldnt turn on on my phone.. it would flash on and off.. thats when I decided to return it.

    Ok, I called cingular and they sent me a new refurb phone. Got it today, checked the mins.. it has 5000. Ok, the keyboard seems a little more loose than my first phone.. ok, no big deal. The pen didnt fit right.. so I exchanged the pen with the first unit. I used the phone to make some calls and the sound quality was tons better.. sounds muuch better. I just had 1 problem recently, it went into its sleep mode (the screen is off and the light activity light is on in green) and I couldnt get it out of sleep mode.. couldnt turn it on. I called my own cell phone and it went straight into my mailbox. I called again and it finally rang. OK, Im going to try this phone over the weekend and if it gives me any problems I will send it back.

    I have now been playing around with these phones and Im really really liking them. I get all my work email, personal email, calendar etc, and when I commute on rail to my house from work I can web browse and do all the things that I like.

    What do I need to do to get a perfect phone? I am thinking about sending this one back and purchasing a brand new one. ultimately it will cost me 180 Dollars more, but I am strating to think that its worth it. Or do you guys think I should just get another refurb?

    Ahh.. I really like this phone, but dissapointed with the quality.
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    troostj, man that is some bad luck. i have had no problems with mine so far. i hope you can get it worked out. i would save the $$$ and try at least 1 more time on the refurb.
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    Got mine unlocked finally. It took Cingular a bit to send the code but it worked like a charm. I love it.
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    aaand my digitizer just died. My replacement is backordered.

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    Hello to all
    I am new to this forum and would really like a treo 650 I was looking at them through Cingular (my provider) and they had the refurbished ones, but I missed out. By any chance would anybody on this wonderful forum know if or when Cingular would be selling anymore Refurb models
    Thanks in advance
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    Well, my refub died. Took me forever to get a replacement, despite it being under warante.

    Checked the minutes used: This thing has 8194 minutes used on it. Wow.
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    That's odd about the replacement. Cing replaced mine when I dropped it without question within 24 hours after I called. Now, I'll admit that I live 1 state over from the warehouse, but I'm surprised it took so long.

    BTW: When I was up looking for a new phone for my daughter on the Cing site, they had refurbed 650's for $99.
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    Dunno if this is still valid, but I got my 680 for $75 from Cingular. Search the 680 forum, should be able to find it. Offer might not be valid any longer, however. Just call the number, tell 'em you have unlimited data. I didn't have any problems.
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