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    I'm not the expert on the 650, in fact just got mine last thursday. The screen going blank while on the phone is a battery saving feature I believe so as long as you can still talk on the phone even if screen is blank you should be ok.

    I need to read the manual a bit to learn the ins and outs of this model since it does somethings different then my 600 did.
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    Can anyone say what firmware is on their refurb's from Cingular? My wife has been wanting a new phone, so we decided to go with the refurb 650 from Cingular. I figure I can support any quirks she has, besides she isn't a power user, so I doubt she'll have too many problems.

    I'm *almost* hoping the phone we get is 1.05 so i can do 1.05->1.23->1.28 on it, if it's 1.31 I guess I'll leave it alone, although the 30s off thing would get old. Might have to try out Jeff's program to fix that problem if so.
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    the one I got says:
    Firmware: 01.31
    Software: Treo650-1.15-CNF
    Hardware: A

    So is that good or bad for me?
    My refrub had about 100 minutes on it though not sure just how many of those I put on
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    Sounds good, I guess.. 1.31 has the weird 30s screen-off bug, but maybe that'll be fixed soon.
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    ok, now I know what your talking about. did a search on 30 second off bug. it seems if you simply change the auto off from 3 minutes to another setting then go back and change it back to 3 minutes it will then work correctly.

    the phone though will auto off the screen while on a call though not disconnect the call.
    what the heck...go for it. your wife will thank you
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    on the same page it says 1.15 can i update to latest software
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    Be sure you're looking at the right place.. 1.31FW and 1.15SW is likely what you have.
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    So far so good with my wife's refurb Treo. Came with 738 minutes on the life timer, but looks brand new. Sounds good, everything looks great. 1.15 installed on it already..

    Sim card was very loose, maybe that is why it was returned.. Fixed that easy enough by shimming it.
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    Mine arrived Friday, with 255 minutes on it. 1.15 installed. Appears absolutely new in all respects.
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    Hi, I recieved my $139 refubrished treo 650 today. Dailing #*786 shows a lifetime timer of ZERO minutes.

    Just wondering how a seemingly new phone ended being sent out as refurbished? Maybe the phone was so broken that they replaced the motherboard, which is why the timer is at zero?

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    Kind of a random question...Has anyone tried to take advantage of the refurb deal, cancel the service, but keep the Treo? Will they let you do that? I ask because I'm on the family plan and can't update the family plan on line, and the folks on the phone won't sell me the refurb treo. I'd like to be able to just take the SIM card from my current GSM phone and put it in the treo and just add the data plan to my current contract. Is that even possible?
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    Nevermind. I would have to return the Treo if I cancelled. I guess I'm gonna have to live with two phones.

    Oh, and the refurbs are no longer on the Cingular site.
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    I too got a refurb that listed 0 minutes and 1.15.
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    Warranty Exchange your phone if it's not working!
    Cingular will give you a REFURBISHED phone unless
    you talk to the supervisor and demand a new phone,
    which includes a complete phone kit.

    etelecare Global Solutions does Warranty Exchanges
    for Cingular per contract between the two companies.

    1. call "etelecare Global Solutions" at 1-800-801-1101
    2. ask for the warranty department Treo Team
    3. ask for Dan L., he is the only supervisor for Treo phones.

    Call Customer Care and have them transfer you to the Warranty Department
    then do steps number 2 and 3 above.

    Better Treo
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    This is the strangest spam I've ever seen.... Is this person trying to annoy someone at that phone number or is it legit? Heh.
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    any1 have a link or # where u got that deal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    This is the strangest spam I've ever seen.... Is this person trying to annoy someone at that phone number or is it legit? Heh.
    No, it's legit. That's the number for the Cingular XBM (exchange by mail, not extended warranty stuff - that's Lockline, and at a different number) department.

    Quote Originally Posted by j1blaze
    any1 have a link or # where u got that deal?
    Look at Cingular's website. I don't know if it's still available everywhere, though. From poking around HoFo, sounds like it might not be.
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    ^ Yeah, it's still availible.

    I think the refurb Treo showed up on Cingular's website yesterday (Dec 18th) for the $139.00 price.

    ...It's a pretty good deal it you ask me
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    I ordered mine yesterday and it should arrive today
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    I suspect it'll appear/disapear on the website as refurbs become available after being refurbished from returns, etc.. Since it was off the site for about three weeks before coming back, etc.

    I don't think you can go too wrong with it, it's a great price, and if it's a bad phone, it's got a one year warranty.
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