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    I just thought I would post a "heads up" to anyone out there that currently has T-Mobile as a carrier and uses the Treo 600... The Treo 600 has been discontinued and T-Mobile no longer carries any other PALM based smartphone. I just found this out last night when I dropped my Treo, busting the screen, and called T-Mobile, who referred me to Asurion (the insurance company for T-Mobile @ $5.99 a month). When I went to file the claim for a replacement phone I was told that they no longer carry the Treo 600 and that the only replacement(s) they would send would be either a Sidekick or Blackberry (neither of which uses the PALM compatible applications). I was told my only other options were to 1. purchase a Treo 600 from a T-Mobile store and be reimberssed in 2 - 4 weeks (I called every store in the area and NONE carry the Treo 600) 2. purchase another compatible phone Treo 650 at my expense 3. have a replacement phone sent, and purchase a PALM Pilot to use my PALM applications! 4. cancel my service, for $200 and go to a carrier that provides a PALM compatible phone!
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    Have a staff member whos Treo 600 broke on him on Friday and he called T-Moble and they are mailing him a new one?

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    Was it being replaced by Asurion or T-Mobile? Since the damage done to my phone does not fall under the manufacturers warranty I have to go through Asurion (the insurance company).
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    I am in the exact same situation... the only concession from asurion that I recieved was to be reimbursed $410 (actually $360 when the deductible is counted).

    Too bad I can't find a treo 600 or 650 for anywhere near that amount.
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    Get the reimbursement and buy a Treo 650, its a no brainer to me.
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    how do you request to get the reimbursement? i've called last week and the CSR get do anything for me other than to replace the sidekick or RIM. I don't mind getting the cash and buy something else.
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    They will not reimburse me for a Treo 650 since T-Mobile does not offer that phone... They will only reimburse me for a phone bought through a T-Mobile store, which of course no longer carry the Treo 600.

    I wish things were that simple!
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    I've been having problems with my speakers & headset jack...called T-mo & replacement is on it's way, of course this is direct from T-mo.
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    Here's an additional warning for T-Mobile users:

    I was exceeding my text messaging plan almost every month now (500 messages). I went to the website and looked at the optional services you can add.

    I found the any 400 messages and was about to add it when something reminded me from my prior experience that this would alter my grandfathered plan somewhat.

    So I call TMo Customer Service and it was explained that if I added that any 400 messages, I would loose my existing 500 messages from the grandfathered plan. I said forget it. Why would I pay extra to loose what I had?

    I will start checking phone service providers.
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    So does this mean TMobile will no longer offer any Palm based phones?

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    Not necessarily. They may have passed on this last version of Palm based Treo for reasons as documented on this site.

    If the next one is more stable and can use their infrastructure, EDGE and Hotspots, they may offer the Palm based Treo again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Not necessarily. They may have passed on this last version of Palm based Treo for reasons as documented on this site.

    If the next one is more stable and can use their infrastructure, EDGE and Hotspots, they may offer the Palm based Treo again.

    I'll cross my fingers that TMobile will carry the Treo 700.


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    Cross your fingers, fine.. Just don't hold your breath.. I seriously doubt that T-Mobile will ever carry another Palm device according to the techs I've talked to. I think we will be lucky if we see a Windows Mobile 5 device on T-Mob.
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    I guess if TMobile won't offer any other PDA phone than the Sidekick or the Blackberry, I will have to change services.

    I have been very happy with TMobile, as I have been with them since they were called Voicestream.

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    What difference does it make? If you have a GSM phone, just insert the T-Mobile SIM and you are in business. Want the data plan? Just call, they will fix you up.
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    FWIW, the 600 is still listed on their business page:
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    I'm not sure why you can't have palm fix your phone...
    The screen is not covered under warranty (Just had my 650 screen break) but they will charge the out of warranty price to repair ($169-199). Much cheaper than getting a new one.
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    I'm really annoyed about this issue in general, but especially about the statement in the Equipment Protection Description: "If the exact model is not available, replacement will be of like kind and quality." Why doesn't it clearly say something like 'not available on the t-mobile web-site' ? Then everybody would know what to expect.
    It's just a joke to pretend that 'like kind' can mean a completely different OS! Would they offer a Windows machine to a mac user or vice versa if they would be in the PC business?
    I was offered to choose any phone from t-mobile, any ideas if t-mobile updates their handheld section anytime soon? I just don't like anything they are offering right now.
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    shneor is right,

    The beauty of GSM is the sim and being able to put it into any GSM device. My 600 cost me $400 from is actually a cingular branded I am using on Tmo. The subsidized cost from the carrier is nice, but the device can be obtained and used should tmo decide not to carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannoz
    Too bad I can't find a treo 600 or 650 for anywhere near that amount.
    BTW - my T650 died (during a firmware update I will admit), and I bought a used one that seems in absolutely perfect shape on ebay for $410 just a couple of weeks ago - so it's possible to get one for that price if you are willing to go used, and if you had gotten a replacement 600 it would have been a refurb anyway.

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