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    I am a 650 user, and I use Cingular and hate it. But check this out...and note the quote...

    "The 8700c can be found in Cingular's retail stores starting Nov. 21, the company said. It will cost US$299 with a two-year contract and a mail-in rebate, but several contract options are available. Unlimited data and voice service in the U.S. costs $49.99 a month, and the monthly total including unlimited international service is $64.99."

    Cingular is raping me at $39/month just for data, and their voice coverage is horible in Boston.

    However, unlimited service for $49 sounds good.

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    I guess you prefer to be kissed on the lips, too. I pay $9.95/mo for unlimited T-Zones Pro (not a grandfathered plan) and have never had even one site that I couldn't access. (Admittedly, I don't do a ton of web surfing on the Treo, but I've not read of problems from others.) T-Mobile has some intro plans that give you 1500 unlimited nation-wide calling minutes for something like $45/mo. I've been happy since dumping Cingular last February after a horrendous transition from AT&T. There was NO part of the transition they didn't screw up and it took six months to sort out the bills (mistakes, by the way, that they admitted where their's all along). I'm not looking for a BB, though, so I don't know if they carry the model you're after. Good luck!
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    And this is in the Treo 650 forum why?

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