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    Hi, I tried calling Cingular to add the $3.99 CSD internet service. This allows you to use your treo as a modem to dial into your ISP and only use up minutes on your plan without being charged per kilobyte of data.

    I have some webpages that require me to dial into my organization's modem pool to access.

    The agent couldn't find the service on her system. Does anyone know if cingular still offers CSD in southern california, and if so, how should I get cingular to add it to my account?

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    When I tried to add it, it took 3 transfers and then the guy about 10 minutes to find it and add it. One other name for it is "Wireless Intnernet" as well as "CSD."
    My suggestion is to try calling again. I don't know for sure that they haven't removed it, but my suspicion is that it's just not easy to find and that's what happened.
    On my features it's listed as:
    Data Access CSD $3.99
    On my wife's line it's listed as:
    Wireless Internet $0.00

    I had "Wireless Internet" and talked them in to giving it to me for free on both lines at one point. One day it just magically disappeared from my line. When I called and had them re-add it (as I explained with the 3 transfers, etc.) he made me pay for it and it showed up as this different name. It's still the same CSD, though.

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