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    I am taking one of those strange river cruises in Europe shortly that takes me through five countries in two weeks. Even though I have an unlocked GSM phone it doesn't make sense for me to get a prepaid SIM in any of them (it was wonderfully freeing to be able to do that while I was in Turkey for several weeks in May).

    So... I will be roaming using my Cingular account. I know it is expensive but for emergency communications it will have to do. My question is how do I send a SMS message while roaming to the States. Do I simply enter the 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx number as if I were in the US or need some access code before the US country code (1). If it makes a difference will be in the following countries Hungry, Slovinia, Austria, Germany and the Chezch Republic.
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    + then country code, so +1 should do the trick. A typical North American number would be +1 555 555 5555; whereas a UK number would be +44 5555 555 555.

    Hope this helps.

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