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    A few days ago I bought an unlocked GSM Treo 600 from a very nice dude off Craigslist. I guess originally it was AT&T Wireless, because that's the graphic that shows up when I turn on wireless mode.
    Anyway, I went to Cingular and got a SIM card, put it in, made some calls, everything works great. Then today I went to the PalmOne website to check if there was a firmware update, and whatdya know, there's one for "Former AT&T Wireless, now Cingular) Treo 600 users. Sounds perfect for me. I installed it, and now my phone says it doesn't recognize it's Cingular SIM card! What the hell? Is there a way to go back to a previous ROM or clear the whole thing out or something?

    Thanks guys. I love this forum.
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    Sounds like you need to unlock your phone again
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    Heh.. Craigslist.. That's where the mistake started.

    You're likely going to have to get an unlock code, you'll have to search.. There's a place that does it fast for $25.

    [Edit: Oops, forgot I wasn't in the 650 forum..]
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    there is a hacked rom for the "600" that makes it act unlocked
    can't update the firmware or it will be locked again

    unlock it right or find the hacked unlock firmware and you will be fine

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