*** I posted the same question in HF but have not seen a reply - hopefully I will see some here ***

I just found out about this NBO discount thing although my work place has had it for the past 5 years... Stupid me...

So I am thinking about getting the Treo 650 through the discount program (I checked and my cost is $449 plus tax and some fees) - and I have below questions (I searched but don't think I find the answer):

- Is Treo 650 still available via NBO program? I read an earlier post written in August that it was either discountinued or back-ordered all the time?

- I am on Cingular Orange (personal phone) and Cingular Blue (work phone) - I would like to "upgrade" my Cingular Orange phone to Treo 650, would they let me do it? The reason I ask is because I tried to go through the upgrade program last week (before I learned about NBO discount), the corporate store won't let me do it until I am a year into my current Cingular Orange contract.

- Has any one bought the Treo 650 through NBO discount program recently? How much was it?

- If the NBO insists that I upgrade against my work's Cingular Blue account (instead of my personal Cingular Orange account), would I run into problem if my work decides to migrate into Blackberry later this year (due to limit amount of upgradqe one can get a year)?

- Lastly the most stupid question: would a Blue phone work on Orange SIM or would an Orange phone work on Blue SIM?

Thanks guys...