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    I'm thinking about purchasing a 650 through my current carrier, Cingular. My primary reason for doing so would be to have the ability to get my office email and calendar on my phone. We use Lotus Notes at the office. What would I need to do in order to set up to send my Notes mail to my Treo over wireless. Versamail claims to be able to "sync" with Notes, but I don't know if that's through the cradle or wireless.
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    I use the XPressmail client on a spare laptop connected to my company network to synch wirelessly. Not exactly in line w/ our IT policies, but it works! I use Pylon Conduit to synch contacts / calendar too. Works better than Easy Synch. I have been a notes user for 9 years so if you need help, let me know and i'd be happy to assist as much as possible.
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    So it looks like I would get xpressmail enterprise edition from Cingular and then purchase Pylon conduit for $75. Is that correct? So you have a laptop that stays connected to xpressmail? My organization utilizes Intellisync. I could probably set that up in place of Pylon don't you think?

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