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    What are the advantages / disadvantages of migrating my old AT&T account to Cingular ? I have until April on my old AT&T account. Should I migrate or not ?

    Currently I have 600 minutes with 2 lines on a national plan (no roaming charges) and I pay around $70 for it. I would like to add a data package as well.
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    Just had a chat with a Cingular representative. Sounded like I knew more about their plans then he did.

    I asked him if I could add MediaNet unlimited ($19.99) to my plan (AT&T) and he said that they don't offer it to AT&T customers and that I would have to migrate to cingular. If I wanted to do that I would have to sign a 1 or 2 year contract and get new phones (at least they let you keep your old numbers).

    I told him No thanks.

    Anyone with any better ideas ?
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    I've looked at moving several times over the last year. Each time I come to the same conclusion, it doesn't make economic sense. I have a great deal with my AT&T plan, they were always generous when throwing in extra anytime minutes.

    I will move: 1. When they make me, or 2. when I need/want to replace my trusty T600.

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    See if they can add the unlimited mMode data plan for you. $24.99 a month for unlimited data. You may even be able to do it yourself at
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    I migrated from Blue to Orange. Why? Orange still offers GAIT phone support. (the nokia 6340i is a GAIT phone: GSM, TDMA, and AMPS.) This way, when I'm going into a fringy GSM coverage area, i can move my sim into the 6340i and roam onto the TDMA/AMPS phone networks that still provide coverage is large swaths of the country.

    My main objection to Orange was removed recently, when they changed to the same voicemail system that they have on the Blue side (busy, and no answer greetings, '7' deletes message, etc.)
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    Well, I contacted Cingular and added ynlimited mmode to my account.
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    GSM sucks compared to the ATT TDMA network. I travel a lot and the coverage is not as good.
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    Here's a dissavantage : Incoming txt message are NOT FREE on cingular Orange. Good Old ATT incoming msgs are all FREE.
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    Every time I've dealt with Cingular's cust serv, I've been disappointed. You'd think since we're new customers they might be able to work with us a bit given ALL their plans are more expensive, but nope. Won't throw in anything for free to help the sting of a higher bill.

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