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    Okay, folks. I'm sorry for the redundant newbie-type question, but I really have gotten confused after wading through all of the posts on TreoCentral, HowardForums, etc.

    I am a T-mobile user and I want to purchase a GSM Treo 650. Is it currently worth my while to pay for a Palm-branded Unlocked T650? Or would I be just fine with an Unlocked-Cingular-branded T650? And should I just install the latest firmware, ROM's from each? Or is there some special combo that I should look into?

    (Just for the record, I had owned a Sprint Treo 650, before I switched back to T-mobile. There were fewer options for Sprint users, so was more straightforward...)

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    Just get the Palm Unlocked Treo 650. If you get a Cingular unlocked on and apply a firmware update it may relock the phone.

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    I am a T-Mobile customer and bought the unlocked Treo 650. Works stunningly well.
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    If you buy a Cingular unlocked one on eBay or wherever for cheaper, I can walk you through the process of completely unbranding it without the risks of re-locking it (not without much help from this board...)
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    And is it best to just install the latest ROM from Palm? It's 1.13 right now, isn't it?

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    Yes, but before you do that (install the 1.13 unbranded update) you have to install one of the BETA unbranded updates found on this board. The reason being is this: Updates for the Treo 650 check to make sure you have the correct phone software before updating anything. Therefor, if you have a Cingular 650 and try to apply the unbranded update, it won't work, telling you to go get the Cingular update which will lock your phone back to Cingular. SO, you need to find the BETA update, 1.0-something, and put that on your phone. After that, you will have a very low-numbered software version, but it will be UNBRANDED. NOW, you can apply the unbranded 1.13 update from PalmOne...voila, an unbranded/unlocked Treo 650.
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    I got the unlocked/unbranded directly from Palm. GSM is great as an option to temporarily switch over to another carrier when overseas (if necessary).

    Hey snoslicer8 - how's that 1.43 FW working out for you? How's the bluetooth?


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    The new firmware has posed no problems for me as-of-yet. I notice a small decrease in the length of the tones, but that could just be me listening for them to be shorter. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $bluetooth$ $radio$/$software$ $is$ $unaffected$ $by$ $this$ $update$...$it$ $is$ $strictly$ $an$ $update$ $to$ $the$ $GSM$ $radio$ $and$ $how$ $it$ $interacts$ $with$ $the$ $phone$ $software$. $As$ $such$, $I$ $have$ $not$ $looked$ $for$ $any$ $changes$ $to$ $the$ $bluetooth$.
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    I also have t-mobile and bought a new unlocked treo 650 on ebay...It worked perfectly without any modification

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