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    I have a former AT&T account now on Cingular. I'm buying a Treo 650 tomorrow (unlocked version) and I want to add a data package to my account.
    Their $40 package is a bit too much for me as I'm not going to use it that much. Probably for some email and maybe a bit of browsing.

    What do you guys recommand ?
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    Take a long look at the packages, I use WAY more than the 20m that is 34 bucks, I have the 39 doller unlimited and don't have to worry.

    I guess you could start with the smallest, watch closely as you go past that limit, upgrade to the next largest, watch again as you pass it, then upgrade to the unlimited. Cingular has no problem hooking me up with an upgraded plan, going to a smaller one is another story.

    I also don't worry when I am using my 650 as a modem for my laptop. Often I can connect much faster than dial-up. I have seen 114k as the fastest so far.
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