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    Hi- I know there are some posts about this kind of topic already, but I had a question that I haven't seen yet.

    I had a Treo 600, but sold that one and bought a 650 on eBay so I could get EDGE with Cingular. I want to sign up with the Medianet plan, but when I went into the store, the rep told me that you can't sign up for Medianet unless you also have phone service. I know that you can get a data plan without having a phone plan, but is it true that you need a phone plan for Medianet? Because I just wanted to sign up for that and nothing else. And if I can sign up for Medianet alone, what or how should I do it? Because the guy won't give it to me. Thanks
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    I believe MEdia Net is an add-on for voice plans. It is sold as a feature and does not have a stand-alone package.
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    I had a data plan for my cing 650 and a 40cents a minute voice option with it month to month but 45dollars a month for the data I cancelled that
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    Media Net is a add-on feature only, you can not get it separately.
    The Cingular data only plan for a Treo is $45/month which is discounted to $40 with a voice plan.
    T-Mobile has a data only plan for $30 a month. This data plan is $20 as a add on to voice, but $30 as data only. T-Mobile is almost all EDGE now. The plan includes 200 text messages.
    So if you're interested in data only, no voice plan, T-Mobile is your best bet for EDGE. While it doesn't have as large of a coverage area as Cingular, it's worth considering.
    You can also try it for 30 days before your 1 year contract kicks in.
    The data plan is sold for laptops but works for the Treo just as well.
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    taylorh, how long ago did T-mobile convert to EDGE? Because I tried them out about one or two months ago, and it wasn't EDGE; it was a really slow speed. I'm only interested in Cingular because I want EDGE...I need a faster internet. I live in Chicago, so I assume that if T-mobile has EDGE I should have coverage here. I think that 40 bucks a month is a lot for Treo internet, so that's why I wanted to do the $20 a month deal with Cingular. Too bad it's only an add on. I would have signed up for a really cheap talk plan and then used Medianet as an add on, but their cheapest plan is 40 a month. (Without tax.) So is the T-mobile data plan the only good option out there? It seems as if Treo doesn't have too many good deals out there..
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    Yeah, one way or another data isn't exactly cheap.
    T-Mobile put out a press release on Sept 1saying they had completed "90% EDGE" titled " "T-Mobile EDGE Network Nearly Complete." Google "T-Mobile 90% EDGE" and you'll see a bunch of hits. Here's one place it's mentioned:
    Check out some of the other threads in this forum and people are talking about where they are and aren't seeing EDGE.
    This one in particular discusses this exact topic:

    So in short, they haven't launched EDGE as a nationwide offering yet, because they aren't done, but they say they're almost there. Here in California we've had it a long time but that's due to the sharing of the network with Cingular.

    Even to get add on internet with T-Mobile for $20 instead of $30 requires a minimum voice plan of $30 if I remember correctly, so it's either $50 with unlimited data and a voice plan or $30 for data only with 200 text messages.
    T-Mobile hasn't even started selling the Sony Ericsson GC83 laptop card yet with that plan, but the store sales guy said they were going to very soon (that was in August when he said that so it really should be very soon.)

    I suggest if you're willing, go for the T-Mobile $30 data plan. Try it out during the contract grace period "Buyer's remorse period" LOL, and if you aren't getting EDGE or good coverage, you can get out of it with no early termination fee. THat's one reason for this grace period, to try it out.

    You might even be able to call T-Mobile first or go to the store and ask them if you have EDGE yet in Chicago, I'm sure they'll know before you buy in to it.

    The main thing you don't get with T-Mobile that you would with Cingular, is that Cingular has a larger coverage area (arguably) but that really all depends where you want it to work, as you know.

    Even Cingular isn't 100% EDGE, although it is in most places you'll ever go. Look at the data map on their laptop connect plan on their web site.

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