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    I was an early Treo 600 adopter, and I love it. But I'm frustrated with the lack of options for different styles of Treo users.

    Case in point: I had the Sprint Treo. I don't use voice much. I use data more than voice, but still only occasionally. I mostly use the Treo as a PDA, and since I need/want a cell, the Treo means I don't have to carry two devices.

    However, the cheapest voice and data plans at Sprint were running me $55/mo, even if I barely used the voice and didn't touch the data. It was money down a rathole. So I got an unlocked GSM (Orange) phone from Ebay and sold the Sprint phone.

    So now I have pre-paid from T-Mobile, which is a good deal if you prepay enough minutes. But I made the mistake of trusting the high school student who opened my prepaid account - he told me I could subscribe to T-zones and get Internet access inexpensively. Hell, I can live with $6 a month for data access, even if I don't use it much.

    Now that I have the phone and a SIM from T-mo, I'm told there is NO data plan available for prepaid customers.

    Why do cell companies have to make it so hard for people to get just what they need instead of expensive contracts for more minutes than they'll ever use?

    The lack of regard for customers is very discouraging.

    Thanks for reading my rant.

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    Actually there is T-Zone with your prepaid. Not as much access as regular account but it is there nonetheless.
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    It's there, but I can't use it for anything with the Treo. I played with it a little during the brief time I was playing around with T-mo's Motorola V-330, but it's useless on the Treo.
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    I think using prepaid is totally a waste of money unless you only use the phone for emergency purposes or to limit a teenie bopper from running someone into debt. If TMO gave internet access to prepaid customers, your minutes would burn away within one internet session. I would rather pay $600-$700/year on a cell contract than pay $50 or more on prepaid minutes every few weeks.
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    Whether prepaid is a waste of money depends on your usage. I'm not a heavy voice user. I paid Sprint $30 in August for something like 300 minutes, and I used 12. The T-Mo card I just got was $100, which gives me 1,000 minutes that are good for an entire year. That will pay for itself in three months.

    So prepaid doesn't make sense for everyone, but it works for me.

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