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    My problem? I've got a nice dash mounted holder for my treo that's close to my Volvo's stereo. Incoming phone call/text msg creates tons of intereference heard through the speakers. Is there anything I can do to manage this intereference short of moving the phone or going back to verizon?

    I searched around the forum for this issue, and found mention of it, but no solutions.


    Harry J
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    GSM does this, it does short bursts of data which causes this interference. Not much to be done about it except for repositioning the phone. MAYBE hook up an external antenna, but that would be a pita to do every time in and out of the car.
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    Yup, its a GSM thing, all GSM phones will do this.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.
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    It seems to be a Cingular issue, though. I just switched to T-Mobile and that problem has largely disappeared.
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    I have had both t-mobile and cingular service with my treos. They both cause interference. try using them near your computer. The pickup on the computer speakers can be spectacular at times. I have noticed that the interference will give me a few seconds warning before the phone begins to ring ;-) Not sure what good that does me though...
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    It also interfer with my PC audio. I usually know the phone will ring because my PC speaker starts giving out cracking noise.
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    all GSM phones will do this


    This never occurs with any of several T-Mobile phones, all of which are GSM.
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    Probably because tmobile uses only 1900 and not the 850 band.

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