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    I currently have a treo 650 for Sprint. I have the opportunity to switch carriers ... but I don't have to... (leaving my company and have to pay for my own service now)... and wondered what is the best service/carrier when considering

    1) I want use a treo650
    2) I want to use my data and text messaging service
    3) I talk a considerable amount on it since I only have one phone - the mobile phone
    4) I want to get the best value deal for buying as many minutes up front and not worry about overage charges

    Is it an absolute that switching to a GSM service provider is definitely better than CDMA? Why? Are the GSM treo650 phones better as well as the service?


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    I love t-mobile. I use an unlocked 650 on the network, have added unlimited data and text to my normal plan, I get 600 anytime minutes and unlimited night and weekends. Total cost is 65.00 per month.

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