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    Has anyone figured out a way to get the Tmobile MMS picture size any larger? I hate the stupid little thumbnail pics we can only receive now, it makes pic messaging worthless. Thanks, D
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    I have just moved to email. Those who can MMS a picture to you can email it.
    Of course, this is annoying and I also wish they would fix it. I haven't bothered to call T-Mo about it, have you? Has anyone? I generally find t-mo to be pretty responsive, but since this is an unlocked, unbranded unit I suspect they will tell me to jump in a lake.
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    anyone else?
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    It really is a lame set up. I'm very interested to hear if there is a way to change this pic size. I was very disappointed to see these tiny pics. I'm new to the Treo, but email doesn't seem as easy, or convenient, as IM. Especially if I'm messaging with non-Treo devices. Am I wrong? I'm not able to exchange video messages with anyone I know either, but I guess that's a whole other issue.

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