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    We use the Treo 650 with Cingular service in our company, but today my manager asked me could we get a treo without having service activated to it, and then we would ship it to Columbia and have it activated with a service provider there (not sure which one though ) . I'm not sure why but thats what they want, and I read a headline about unlocked treos and the price being dropped. Is this what I am looking for?
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    Yes. You can get an unbranded, unlocked treo from PalmOne's web site without a service contract. That will work with a SIM chip from any GSM service provider. As long as the service provider you want to use in Columbia is GSM then you should be fine.

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    You could also buy a cingular locked phone on ebay for a lot less money and then go to and pay $19.99 to have it unlocked. You then can use it on any GSM network with a local SIM card. I used the service on my Cingular phone and it worked great. If you go to type in the promo code treocentral for a $5.00 discount.
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    If You Buy From Ebay You Wont Get A Warranty And This Phone Has Issues Fyi

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