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    After not being able to log on to the GPRS network for almost 24 hours, I called 611 and was eventually transferred to someone who was supposed to specialize in the data issues. I think he said his name was Geoffrey. I explained that I could not connect, and the first thing he explained was that I may not have good coverage in my present location. I mentioned that I have in the same room another Treo 650 on Cingular that connects just fine.

    Then he asked me hard-reset the phone. I explained that I did not want to do that just yet, and could we review some settings. He said that there were no settings. I said come on, this little device is full of settings, there must be something we can review. He said look, the only settings we could review would be those that affect the phone connecting to the network. Oh well I said then that is what we better look at.

    He said let me review a couple things in his computer. I was restarting the phone as he checked whatever it was and when it came back up the phone got a GPRS connection no problem. I said hey it works, and Geofrrey said, "I know"; and then *click* he was gone.

    Is it typical for a customer service provider to hang up as soon as they have solved a problem without giving the caller even a chance to ask what happened? Should I be calling them back and asking for a better explanation to protect my service in the future? Should I just be happy the phone is working at the moment. In the last few months I have spent many hours waiting for their service people and am not eager to get back on the line with them.

    Thank you!
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    I would call back. While the tech was able to resolve your problem, he really did not do it according to your schedule or needs. Nor did he treat you in a courteous manner, if he hung up without asking - "Can I help you with anything else today?" then you should call back and mention that. Also note your tech's general attitude and demeanor.

    Today it has become all to common for tech support to use reformatting, restoring or in your case hard reseting as a first resort to solve problems. While a fresh installation solves a great deal of problems, it is wrong for support reps to ask you to sacrafice all of your data without a backup just to avoid troubleshooting.

    CatalogGuy: Good Job! Don't let support reps tell you that hard-resetting is the best solution. The treo is a device that allows you to function everyday. What good is this device doing if you are restoring it every week?

    Everyone should firmly tell support techs, "I will not hard-reset, until no other options exist." It's that simple.

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