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    Is anyone with Cingular having problems sending a sms that is more than 160 chars? When I attempt to send I get the following error message:

    "ERROR: An error occurred ( 4058 ) when sending this message. Please check the phone number or email address and try again."

    I tried sending to my motorola v600 and to my girlfriend's v551, both have cingular. I can send a sms as long as it is less than 160 chars. My v600 can send multi-page sms, and when I spoke with cingular tech support they were able to send and receive sms that were over 160 chars. I tried three different message center #'s, but nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?
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    Is anyone with cingular experiencing any problems sending sms? I've searched all over the web, but I haven't found a fix. Over at I found this:

    "Suddenly after the 3.05 firmware update I can't type SMS messages longer than 160 characters?

    Yeah, this was changed when PalmOne upgraded the Treo firmware. Also It depends on the carrier that you have"

    Also, I went to a Cingular store today and replaced my sim card, after which I was able to send six sms that were over 160 chars each, but on the seventh attempt I received the error message again. I tried cingulars online tech support, but all they said was "cylce the power, and keep your messages under 160 chars". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    It doesn't seem that this problem is of interest to anyone currently, but I thought I would post a update. It might prove useful to someone in the future. Here is a response I received from Palm tech support via email:

    "I understand that you would like to know what does the “ERROR: An error occurred (4058) when sending this message. Please check the phone number or email address and try again” message when trying to send an SMS that is longer than 160 characters.

    Matthew, to answer your inquiry, this particular error message might be due to the following reasons.

    · There are corrupted records on your Contacts list,
    · Some networks require 11-digit numbers (1 + area code + phone number) for SMS messages even if you are in the same area code,
    · If the destination number is not labeled as a mobile number or email address in your Contacts application, you may receive this error message even though the destination number is technically able to receive SMS messages.

    To isolate the issue, I would suggest that you try checking the destination number when sending SMS messages. You may also verify if the recipient has received the particular SMS even if the error message appears when you attempt to send a message. Also, I will need you to try sending a message to different numbers to check if it happens to just a particular contact number or to other contact numbers as well."

    I replied with:

    "The destination numbers are OK, and the intended recipients are capable of receiving the particular SMS. I believe that I have narrowed it down to the type of SIM card. When I insert a older Cingular SIM card into my Treo I am able to send SMS that are over 160 chars in length, but when I put the SIM card from my Treo into my Motorola V600 I am unable to send SMS that are over 160 chars in length, even though I am able to send the same SMS from the V600 when it has its original SIM card. Does my analysis seem correct to you?"

    They responded that essentially I was correct. So, I went back to the Cingular store and they replaced my SIM card for the third time, but this time they used a Axalto brand 64K Smart Card. I am once again able to send SMS that are over 160 chars. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Update. Turns out it isn't the SIM card or my 650. It's Cingular's network according to a tech in Cingular's Product Management Dept. They have the same phone number as Advanced Data Services, so maybe they just changed their name. Their engineers know about the problem, but he's not sure if they are working on fix.
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    I've just got this message, on my Cingular branded but now unlocked Treo running on Fido in Vancouver, and I can tell it's related to my 650! I switched my SIM card to my old Nokia phone, and messages of any length work perfectly. In fact, I cannot send any text message from my Treo at the moment.

    I'm going to try removing a bunch of software and doing some resets, I think it was when I dumped a whole load of programs on it yesterday that it started to mess up
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    All of a sudden now I can't send SMS either - I get the same error 4058, regardless of length.

    No new software, etc.

    Any ideas? thx
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    Do you mean you can't send any SMS, or just ones that are over 160 chars?
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    On a possibly related note, I am unable to receive SMS messages at all from certain phone numbers. So far, it has only happened with VZ subscribers. That may be coincidence, but they are showing that their messages are being sent on their end, but I'm not receiveing them on my Cingular Treo.
    Anyone else?
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    I too was JUST now getting the same problem with my brand new Treo 650. I could not send ANY txt messages out, of any size... it would just give me error 4058. Just for everyone elses' reference and help, I just called Cingular tech support, and they applied a newer unlock code to my service that immediately fixed the problem. Apparently they had an old code, but it wasn't working very well, and now they have a new one that works pretty much across the board.

    Hope that helps anyone with a new 650.
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    its just a memory problem, i deleted a few of the long messages and everything worked fine after that

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