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    Just got my Cingular Treo 650. Unlocked it. Now I cannot get the internet to work. I had a Sidekick II so I had the 19.99 unlimited plan. I did alot of searching through the posts to figure out what I need to do. I input the proxy number and port 8080 as people suggest. It just doesn't connect when it tries to.

    I just can't figure it out. Do I need to change my internet plan with T-mobile? I'd like to be able to browse all sites.

    Please help. Thanks everyone.
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    You have the Sidekick data plan, not the T-Mobile internet plan.
    They are two different data plans. The confusion is the fact that they are the same price. Sidekick data only goes through Danger's Sidekick server and it's not a real GPRS/EDGE internet data plan. The sidekick data plan only works with sidekicks. And the T-Mobile internet plan works with all other phones, PDAs, and laptop cards but does NOT work with the sidekick.
    You need to call customer service and have them change you from the sidekick plan to the T-Mobile internet plan. Then the built in network profile "T-Mobile Internet" should work for you.

    The "T-Zones" network profile is for those who get the $6 T-Zones plan. $6 T-Zones is full internet with port 80 (web browser port) blocked, therefore you have to use the proxy server to use the web browser. The proxy server is not necessary on the $20 intnerne plan because no ports are blocked.

    I should add, you have two options:
    $6 T-Zones. You must use the proxy server for web browsers.
    $20 T-Mobile Internet. Full Internet.
    I personally would prfer the $20 so I could use the Treo as a modem (laptop tether) without the hassle of the proxy, but that's just me.
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    i just added t-zones to a 600 and get nothing. how do i set/change the proxy server as you suggest?
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    Check out my post #2 on this thread here:
    That should fully answer your question.
    Also if you do a forum search on this IP address:
    You should get more related to those proxy settings.
    It takes about 1/2 hour after you add T-Zones to start working, but by now that time has passed and should be working.

    Also I should add, that after you configure the proxy, you can set your "home" page to:
    Which is the typical home page that T-Mobile phones are configured for.

    While a lot of this info only applies to phones with wap browsers, nontheless here is where the info is posted on T-Mobile's site:

    Also make sure your Prefs>Network setting is set to "T-Zones" and not 't-mobile internet' or 't-mobile vpn'

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