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    I've been reading the posts in the GSM-US forum for a few days and have succeeded only in confusing myself even more.

    I'm a long-time long-time Sprint Treo user, but I am considering switching now because of the increasing frequency of trips to Europe and Asia (6-8 a year).

    With Sprint, I have 500 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited SMS for about $55 per month. I use the phone for my independent consulting business, for which I do not currently have a landline, so I will have to port my number.

    I am also a heavy data user - mostly Chatter IMAP, web, Avantgo, Vindigo, Worldmate.

    My home base is the NY/NJ metro area, although I do occasionally travel to Florida and the midwest.

    I suspect that no matter what I do, coverage will be worse and the price will be higher.

    So, given all that, should I go with a Cingular Treo or an unlocked Treo with a T-Mobile SIM?

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    Wow. You'll get INUNDATED with replies on this one, probably! My $.02:

    I use an unlocked GSM Treo (bought a Cingular locked on eBay, unlocked it for $20) on T-Mo in the greater LA market. My T-Mo plan is the Get More 1000NW - $39.99 for 1000 Whenever minutes, unlim nights, unlim weekends, unlim LD, and free roaming. I have the old "T-Zones Unlimlited" for $2.99, which is now $5.99 T-MobileWeb. I use Chatter, VersMail (ActiveSync for corp), VeriChat, Blazer, Xiino, etc. So, for about $46, you could get twice the mins with T-Mo - provided that this plan is available in your market.

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    if the question is do you want to use your phone in both the us and europe, then gsm is the answer.

    don't bother paying more for an unlocked gsm phone, and the locked treo 650 is easy (and cheap if you pay for it) to unlock.

    and if you still want to be reached at your same phone number while in europe, then unlocking loses some of its advantages, unless you want to buy a locked cingular phone and switch to t-mobile or something like that.

    as for data, sprint is cheaper. you can technically get cingular medianet unlimted for $19.99. t-mobile data is even cheaper if you can get it added to your plan.

    for voice, ny/nj metro -- all the carriers are relatively strong there.
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    "...for voice, ny/nj metro -- all the carriers are relatively strong there..."

    Depends. Living in NJ, my personal experience is Cingular is better then T-Mobile and Verizon is better then both. Just around round valley / Lebenon area, both Cingular and T-Mobile are dead. Going west around the geographical mid-section of NJ where I do most of my living and working, except along 78, both Cingular and T-Mobile looks sparse.

    I live near route 22, about 10 miles west of where it meets 287. I work near 287. I have Cingular at work, but T-Mobile is too weak to use. At home, 15 miles from work and still in NJ, I have good T-Mobile and no Cingular at all. Verizon (LG analog+digital phone) is just fine at both home and office. Along 202, T-Mobile seem darn near non-existing, Cingular looks weak but ok.

    My assessment is, once you are more then a couple of miles from interstate, Verizon works many times better then Cingular or T-Mobile.

    I looked at VZW's treo, I just don't like it. Not sure why, perhaps I got used to the idea of the control I have using a GSM Unlock, and not feel so isolated when I do travel to Europe which I do a few times a year.
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    I would probably go with Cinguar only because new york city coverage is PERFECT (ofcourse its nyc so it doesnt really count...). Also because Cingular teamed up with AT&T I would assume that means you should have a slight advantage in coverage when you travel to Florida.

    I used t-mobile prepaid when I was a teenager and it was good. Although, I would have to say I am more happy with Cingular. I recommend you get the Media Net plan for 19.99 (they will give you problems at first, but after an hour or so, they give up lol). In addition you will need the 4.99 sms plan (i believe thats the price) And a voce plan of 39.99 with 450 mins. To me that doesnt sound like a great deal, but its a tradeoff for you I guess. I wonder how much t-mobile would cost...

    Also instead of paying for sms why dont you do sms through your data plan? I use monkey maximus's website which allows me to send free sms through all networks.

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