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    My friend uses T-Mobile, I use Cingular ... I can send SMS / Text messages to him and he receives them.

    He can send messages to me and I receive them.

    However, IF I send him a message and HE REPLIES to it (again, he's on T-Mobile), it never comes to me... I just never receive it.

    Is this some known T-Mobile issue or some Cingular issue on the receiving side?

    I searched but didn't find anything related to it.

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    I have ran into issues where Cingular blocks inbound messages not from within Cingular network, i.e. I am at TMo and text to a Cingular user, the messages never arrives at the Cingular user. Tried it with AT & T a while back, no go to Cingular.

    I use a Cingular phone and it works both ways.

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