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    I don't know how to search for this problem and it's kind of hard to quickly describe. Here's the scenario.

    Bought a new Treo 650 GSM/Unlocked phone

    Using T-Mobile as cell provider

    Plugged in SIM card and it works - since last Thursday. It's been working since then except - about 2 hours ago, I can't make phone calls or do any type of data on the phone.

    Here's where it gets weird ... I have another T-Mobile phone/SIM card running in a SMT5600 which has data etc. I take it and plug it in the Treo 650 -- it works fine, phone & data are up.

    I take the SIM that was in the Treo 650 - which had STOPPED WORKING earlier - and plug it in the SMT5600 ... IT WORKS JUST FINE. I can make calls just fine ...

    So, I take the SIM - put it back in the TREO 650 ... still, nothing.

    Does anyone have ideas on this?

    -- well, now it's working --
    I don't know ... very strange.
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    SIM cards and Treos aren't the best of friends, at least I know that as a fact on Cingular's side. Go to T-mobile and see if they just won't replace your SIM. Tell them you're using a Treo650 as well, that might help.
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    Try cutting a piece of paper the same size as the sim card and place it between the sim card and the tray, Some 650's are kind of loose and with a bad connection the sim will be flakey...

    It's worth a try.

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