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    my fiance has the treo 600. im trying to get her AIM on her phone but i am VERY unsure on what to do/use.
    people say to call up tmobile and get the 4.99 internet plan.

    with that plan they say to buy versachat and use the data with it. will this work?

    whats the difference with the 4.99 plan and the tmobile internet which is 19.99?

    also, versachat can b used with data - the 4.99 plan is data im assukming right?

    also, whats a good pop3 email application? versamail is great - but im not gonna pay another 35 bucks for that....anyone wanna send it to me.
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    I'm on tmobile with an unlocked Treo 650 and i have the $4.99 unlimited data plan. Verichat works flawlessly for me - I even get EDGE speeds here in Providence, RI.

    Having originally had the $19.99 plan, the difference between the $4.99 plan and the $19.99 plan is, as far as I can tell $15.00. There has been no other difference.

    If versamail is great, why do you want another pop3 email app?
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    bc i dont have it on the 600. i need a mail program on 600...along with a AIM program.
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    ok i got verichat. the plan went up to 5.99. well c how it work she said itll take 48 hours sometimes to work.
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    I'm on T-Mo with the old T-Zones plan, and VeriChat works GREAT. You may need to request the special "T-Zones" version of VeriChat to get full functionality with the $5.99 plan. A simple email or call to PDAapps and they'll send it to you!

    You can also try the T-Mo proxy to get web access with that plan...

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