For a PC, I have a Dell Inspirion 8500 with a Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module. For a phone, I have a Treo 650 with firmware 01.31 and software Treo650-1.15-CNB.
My PC Bluetooth Modem on Com 5 has all settings defualt except Extra Initialization commands which is 'AT+CGDCONT=1, "ip", "proxy"' and Require secure connection is unchecked.
Sometimes the DUN will work when i try to connect it and other times, 90% of the time, i get the following message before the login info is asked for: 'The Dial-up Networking connection failed: There was a security error, you may need to redo Pairing'
I tried redo the pairing but it doesn't seem to help. My hotsinking through the bluetooth works fine even if a i do it right after getting the above message.
Any ideas?