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    Still having trouble here. No connection at all over the weekend. :\
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    Was in NY most of last week. GPRS was erratic at best. Now in West Virginia. GPRS is functioning great. Cingular obviously had some major problems the last few weeks. I wish they would not give us the run around and just tell us the truth.
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    My T650 is still resetting like crazy..every 3-15 minutes The constant restarts are draining my battery big time and still pissing me off
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    Still f'ed up here too. I haven't had a reliable connection in over 2 weeks now. And my battery is completely drained if I don't recharge it overnight.
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    My GPRS connection in the NYC metro area wasn't working for almost 2 days (Sept 16th-18th), but it's been fine for over a week now. No unusual reset problems to report here either.
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    Anyone else in NC still having connection problems??
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    BIG GPRS problems - can't connect to WAP or ISP APNs (I have ISP access normally for corporate VPN access).

    What gives?
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    I have had GPRS problems in Moreno Valley, California for the past two weeks. I can not get any data. It seems to be a problem isolated to my section of Moreno Valley. When I move to Riverside or San Bernardino, I can get data. It is very annoying because Chatter and Express are constantly timing out due to the inability to connect to GPRS.
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    Still having problems in NC. Having to turn phone off and on constantly to get GPRS to work. Have to think it is a firmware issue since problem crosses multiple platforms.

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